Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Operation Legion is going to be the most secrety secret thing ever.It is all about the grouping of the most amazing super heroes ever...and they all are getting together to fight. Evil. I am their organizer, Lt. Septagon. I don't really work for the Gov., but its still fun to say I do. Unfortunatly, the hero known as capelad is still unknown, but racoonlad, his sidekick is. But they are mere ametures compared to the heroes I am recruting...

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  1. Well, if they know his identity, Racoon Lad is no longer Capelad's "Sidekick". Once Capelad faked his own death, Racoon Lad was forced to become his own Entity, a "sidekick" no longer. While still a good ally with Capelad, and occasionally helping his old mentor out, Racoon lad is very much a seperate entity, and a Superhero.