Tuesday, 19 May 2009

OH noze!!!

I've been found out... so, to Racoon Lad, my fellow legions, and anyone else who feels bored enough to read my blog: This was inevitable. My identity was not important, it is that of the Heroes of Operation Legion. As long as they are secret, we do not have to worry. Only two know my identity, Racoon Lad and the one known as Tabler1010. And I will know if anyone else learns my identity, both will be assaninated as the one who was informed who I was. Eventually, we will all be found out and the climax of Operation Legion will come.But that won't be for a long time know, and things will only become more and more extravigant...

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

To Racoon Lad

So, Mr. Racoon Lad, you have found out about my blog and Operation Legion. Good job. You may join; along with Capelad if needed. However, if you do, all must be known about everyone that joins. And Im quite amazed with how much you know, and also that you havent found out my identity yet. Its really quite simple. So, back to blogging.

What would be the coolest sport in the world? Well, to find out, lets name all of the cool sports that are actually worth playing.
  • paintball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • La"Z"er tag
  • definatly not soccer
  • rugby
  • capture the flag
  • dodgeball

So, now we have our sports. So, what would be a good combination?

  • hockey-golf
  • lazer paintball
  • rugby dodgeball
  • dogeball-capture the flag
  • lazer hockey
  • lazer dodgeball

Well, that could take forever. So, ummm... what would it be? I have to say, I think it would definatly be Extreme full contact lazer hockey golf. Done? Done. Oh man, playing that would be awesome... but It's missing something... how about this: Extreme full contact lazer hockey golf NASCAR racing? OH YEA!!!